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Here are 5 simple but important 'record keeping' tasks to help keep your Tempo account up to date

1 - Create your sales invoices
Your client will probably require a sales invoice from your company before making payment.  Add your client as a "New Contact" on Tempo and click "New Sales Invoice" from the dashboard.  Once the invoice is created you can "Authorise" it then "download PDF" and email a copy to your client.

2 - Marking your invoice as Paid
When your client makes payment into your business account you must mark the invoice as paid on Tempo.  Select the invoice from the dashboard and follow the "Record Payment" link.

3 - Recording a Director's payment
If you pay yourself (by moving funds from the company bank account into your personal account) you need to record this transaction on Tempo.  From the dashboard click "Record Payment to Director".

4 - Check your bank balance against Tempo
Tempo needs to keep track of all of your business' financial transactions.  Your business bank account balance should match the balance within Tempo.  Click the "Bank Balance" link on the dashboard to double check.

5 - Record your business expenses
Whether you pay for a business expense using your personal funds or you use the business' debit / credit card - all expenses and purchases should be recorded in Tempo so that we can give an accurate picture of your tax liabilities.

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