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How to send your first invoice on Tempo

Create your client as a contact

Firstly, you will need to make sure that you've added your client to your list of contacts.  If you've not done this yet then use the quick link on your dashboard "New Contact".

Provide the company name and address when adding the contact - you can leave the other fields blank if you like.


Create your sales invoice

  • From your dashboard click the quick link "New Sales Invoice".
  • Then select from the list of contacts the client you'd like to invoice.
  • Tempo will then generate an invoice number and invoice dates (you can change these if you wish).
  • Click "Continue".
  • Now you are on the page where you add items to the invoice.  A typical consultant's invoice would have an item such as:
    "Andrew Sample, 5 Days @ £XXX week-ending 31/02/2012".
  • In the "Net" box put the total for that invoice item.
  • The VAT will calculate automatically.  VAT may be zero if you are not yet VAT registered.  Do not change this VAT amount without checking with Tempo's support team.
  • Once you've added your one or more invoice items, click continue and confirm the action.
  • You now see an overview of the details and you should click the "Authorise" link under "Draft Invoice".  This confirms that the invoice is real.
  • Now you need to send the invoice to your client.  Click the "Download PDF" link (one of the options along the top).
  • Save the PDF of the invoice onto your computer and attach it to an email to your client.
  • We recommend you email it this way rather than by clicking the "email" link because then the invoice will be emailed from your own address, should your client wish to reply.