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What to do when a client pays your sales invoice.

When you see on your business bank statement that funds have arrived from your client, you must record this transaction in Tempo.

Simply go to the Sales Invoice that the money is for and follow the link to "Record a Payment".

Step by step instructions are:

Step 1.  Check your bank statement (i.e. internet banking) to see if funds have been paid into the account.

Step 2.  Find the Sales Invoice that the payment corresponds to.  One way to search for invoices is from the "Menu", click "View Sales".  If the invoice is not in the list then change the date range or filter options.  Select the invoice and view it's details.

Step 3.  If the invoice has not already been fully paid you will see an option to "Record a Payment".  Click this.

Step 4.  Complete the 'Record Funds Received Form" in the following way.

  • Amount Received - enter the amount of the payment that is to be assigned to this invoice.
  • Date Received - make sure this is the same date as the payment on your bank statement.
  • Which Account - Select the bank account that the transaction came into (usually Business Current).

Step 5.  Click save and that's it!  If you have received a payment for another invoice then do the same again.