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Tempo's Registered Office Facility

We would recommend that you do not use your home address for your business registered office for several reasons:

  • This address will be released into the "public domain" and often results in spam mail coming your way.
  • Your address appears on Companies House website for all to see.
  • As your accountant, Tempo must see all HMRC correspondence sent to your registered office.  If you use your home address this will need to be forwarded to us, causing delays and costs.

Fortunately, Tempo is able to provide a Registered Office facility.  The address on your stationary and invoices should still be your home address but your Registered Office address can be provided by us at a subsidised cost of only £4 per month.  This is often less than the postage costs of forwarding on mail to us!

Our registered office address is: Wesley Offices, 74 Silver Street, Nailsea, Bristol, BS48 2DS.

Please note that for all other company correspondence (banking, insurance, invoicing etc) you should use your own address as we can only receive official company mail (i.e from HMRC) at this address.