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Claiming Mileage as a Company Expense

Can I claim mileage as an expense if I'm using my own car?

If you travel for your business using your own vehicle you can claim the mileage as a company expense.

It's generally acceptable to claim 45p per mile for the first 10K miles in one tax year, after this the rate claimed should be 25p per mile.

This rate covers the cost of fuel and any wear and tear on the vehicle.  You should NOT claim the actual fuel costs (i.e. when you fill the car up) or service, MOT costs unless you are using a hire car.

How do I record the expense?

From the dashboard, click "New Purchase / Expense".  Then click the link "New Mileage Claim".  Complete the form as required.

Do I need receipts?

We'd recommend keeping enough fuel receipts to cover the miles claimed.  It's often difficult to pin down a fuel receipt to an actual journey so keeping a receipt from around the date of the claim should be fine.