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Creating a Purchase Order

What is a purchase order?

Some suppliers need an official notice of your company's intent to purchase their goods.  This is called a "Purchase Order".

It's similar to a Purchase Invoice but the order has not yet been fulfilled.


How do I create a purchase order on Tempo?

Basically a "draft" Purchase Invoice is considered as a "Purchase Order" on Tempo.  So to create your Purchase Order simply:


1) Add the supplier as a "New Contact" (if they are not already in your list of Contacts) - Quick Link on dashboard

2) Add a new "Purchase Invoice" - Quick Link on dashboard, then select "Purchase Invoice", then select your supplier.

3) Provide an invoice number (usually starting with "PO" for a purchase order.  E.g P0-01012011

4) Provide dates as required and click Continue.

5) Add items to the purchase order and select the correct "code" for each item.

6) "Continue" to save the details but DO NOT AUTHORISE the purchase invoice.

7) Leave the invoice as "Draft" in order to see a link "PDF Purchase Order" at the top.

8) Click this link to download a copy of the Purchase Order.


Once the purchase invoice is authorised in will no longer be a "Purchase order" as it will be a real "Purchase invoice", so leave the invoice as a Draft until you receive the full invoice from your supplier.  You can then update the details, authorise the purchase and later mark it as paid.