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Claiming Home Office Costs as an Expense

Home office costs are an allowable expense for small businesses (assuming the home is used for business purposes).

This is claimed either as a flat rate of £6 per week (£4 pw before 6th April 2020), or by calculating a proportion of your home's expenses.

If you feel your home office costs are more than the £6 per week flat rate, please provide us with the information below.  We will then use this information together with HMRC guidelines to advise you of a reasonable monthly home office claim.  

  • Do you have a dedicated room as office space?  Y/N
  • If yes, how many rooms are there in the house (including the office but not bathrooms)?
  • Number of hours worked at home per month?
  • What are your approximate combined monthly costs of:
    • Utilities (Gas, Electric, water)
    • Council Tax
    • Rent or Mortgage Interest