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Can I complete my own Self Assessment?

Tempo takes care of all your company's tax returns - however as a director of a limited company you will also need to complete a personal self assessment (SA) tax return by the end of January each year.

The SA is a summary of all personal earnings in the year including salary, dividends, expenses, interest on savings, rental income, capital gains etc.  Tempo can file the return for you for a charge of 100+VAT (depending on complexity).

There is no reason that an individual cannot complete their own return however it's not a simple matter and a good understanding of the figures used will be needed to avoid errors and penalties.

You will need to have UTR and register for HMRC's online services to complete the return on HMRC's website.

You will need to collate information regarding all of your earnings and from Tempo you will need an up to date report of dividends and your P60.  All of this is available online but please ensure the information is up to date first.

If you have not requested Tempo to complete your self assessment then we recommend seeking an expert's assistance.