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Additional benefits of setting up a Limited Company


Higher take home pay – You'll typically take home around 75% - 85% of your contract by working through your own limited company.

Claim a wider range of expenses- Trading through a Limited company means you can claim a wide range of qualifying expenses such as accountancy fees, equipment, software, phones, travel, Internet and much more. Read our Contractor’s Guide to Expenses for more information.

Additional VAT income - The Flat Rate VAT scheme can generate thousands of pounds of extra profit a year, with most contractors choosing to apply for this VAT scheme. Visit the following page to read more about the Flat Rate VAT Scheme.

Accountancy fees are less than Umbrella Company fees – It is true that Tempo Accounting charges less than most umbrella companies, we offer one of the lowest all inclusive fixed fee accountancy services at just £95 plus VAT per month.

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