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Recording payments from your company to your personal account

When to pay yourself

Please get in contact to discuss a suitable Director's payment plan which works for your business.  We won't go into more detail in this post but please read on to find out how to let Tempo know each time you've made a Director's payment.

Recording the Payment in Tempo

Each time you take funds out of your company for yourself you must record this transaction in Tempo.  From the dashboard there is a Quick Link to "Record Payment to Director". Alternatively use the Menu and select "New Payment" in the "Directors" section.

  1. Select the Director receiving the payment
  2. Enter the amount transferred
  3. Give the Date that the funds left your company account
  4. Select which business bank account the payment was made from

Click "Save" and that's all you need to do.  It's very important that Tempo knows about these payments so that we can advise appropriately and complete the required paperwork for you.