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Removing A Duplicate Transaction

If you find that a bank transaction is incorrectly duplicated on Tempo's records you should remove one of the transactions.

How to removed a duplicate transaction?

If the transaction appears in your list of items to Allocate, then click the green Allocate button and select the option that says "This is a duplicate / mistake and can be deleted".

If the item does not appear in this list then it has probably been incorrectly allocated already.  Contact us for help.

Why do I have duplicate entries?

Sometimes Tempo receives the transaction twice from the bank and sometime it happen because the user has added a record manually to Tempo which does not line up exactly with the download from the bank and the system will not know how to match them together.

How do I know if the transaction is a duplicate?

You can view a list of transactions on your bank statement via the quick link on the dashboard.  Here you will be able to see if the transaction is appearing twice.