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Downloading Bank Statements from HSBC

Here's how to download bank account statements from HSBC business internet banking:

  • Sign in to HSBC internet banking
  • When viewing the list of accounts, click on the red account number for your current account (BUSINESS A/C)
  • Click the button "View Recent Transactions"
  • At the bottom of the screen make sure "Transaction Download" (not PDF) is selected thn use the "Select File Format"  list to select "Microsoft Excel Spread Sheet", (don't check "zip"), then click "Download" (save the file on your PC)
  • Now we can also download Previous Statements by clicking the red button "View Previous Statements" at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select a statement from the list.
  • Use the "Download" button (bottom of screen) after selecting "Excel" from the "File Format" list and save to your computer.
  • Click "Next" or "Previous Statement" and repeat for each statement.
  • Then attach all files to an email and send to support@tempoaccounting.com
  • Please do not email in PDFs as we cannot import these.