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Connecting HSBC using Open Banking

Apologies to those with a HSBC account whose link (via HSBC Net) has recently stopped working.  We are very disappointed in the support HSBC has offered us in this matter and so encourage clients to use the link method below to reinstate the connection. 

To connect your HSBC account to Tempo please click the "Link now" on your dashboard or in the Banking area.   This will take you to our provider called TrueLayer which allows us to connect to your bank (for downloads only) using the Open Banking Standard.

If you do not see a link now message - please email support@tempoaccounting.com so that we can reset this for you.

When setting up the connection you will need your HSBC internet banking credentials to hand.   You might see a message about our TrueLayer account being in a "Test phase" whilst we complete the lengthy set up process.  However the link is fully functional for morning transaction downloads and you can continue to link your account if you are happy to.