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Cater Allen Bank Account Updates - 5th Nov 2020

UPDATE 5th Nov 2020

Cater Allen have restored the bank link between it's new system and Tempo's.   Over the next couple of days you will see the account transactions coming through as normal.

Cater Allen's New Online Banking System

As of mid Oct Cater Allen have rolled out a new internet banking platform.  This has broken the link that allowed Tempo had to download your transactions automatically each day.

Large Outgoing Transaction

Firstly, you might notice an outgoing bank transaction of the full amount of your balance on the 10th Oct 2020, followed the next day by a repayment.  Please check your online banking with Cater Allen if you have any concerns about these transactions.

Daily Data Feed To Tempo Temporarily Ceased

Cater Allen's new system temporarily severed the link that was in place between your bank account and Tempo's system.  The spanned 10th Oct - 5th Nov.

Going forward - Time for a change?

A lot has changed in the banking industry since we first set up a data feed to Cater Allen many years ago.  Other newer banks have embraced technology and are really trail blazing in the sector with some excellent facilities - especially mobile based.  Many accounts are free and can be set up using a mobile app in a matter of minutes. 

The new Open Banking Standard creates a lot of good options for our clients looking for a more modern bank.

Starling Bank (for business accounts) is a very popular choice (use this link to have a tree planted in your name - Tempo receives no commission).  It seems to be the easiest to set up and their free tier will suit most small businesses.  You receive instant notification of payment in and out of the account.

Monzo Business Account is another app based account that is very popular for good reason.